The problem

Founder of Roundr, Jansen Myburgh previously worked as a successful real estate agent in Cape Town, South Africa. He realised a great need for technology to simplify an estate agent’s daily tasks, cut down on the vast number of phone calls they need to make, and enable them to work from their mobile devices. His belief was that there were three main areas that estate agents needed assistance with – efficient scheduling of viewings involving multiple parties, sending quick feedback to owners, and secure keeping of records. We know that sealing property deals is demanding and time consuming, but the daily tasks involved don’t have to be.

The idea

The opportunity presented itself to create and develop an app specifically for estate agents which would make it easy for them to be more organised, efficient, reliable, and responsive to their sellers. Jansen and his wife and business partner Daisy Myburgh, who has a history in marketing coordination and communication, founded Roundr with the aim of doing just that.

Today, the Roundr app can be downloaded from the app stores and used to simplify tricky scheduling situations with multiple involved parties, send quick and simple feedback to owners via voice-note or text, and to access and export all records of each property’s interaction history.

The outcome

After almost 2 years in development, Roundr is incredibly simple to use, and intricately complex behind the scenes. The unique scheduling system has a patent pending on it and we have lots of innovative ideas and plans for our continued building and development of the system.

A lot of existing PropTech competes with estate agents rather than assisting or enabling them to work smarter, which is one of the reasons it is important for agents of today to harness technology to improve the way they work.